Licorice / Liquorice

Please Note: We have included what is commonly called “Red Licorice” on this page, although we realize that it is not truly licorice. Red Licorice items will be noted in red.
Also, there are a number of products on the market that are artificially flavored with ingredients such as anise and/or fennel. Most all of our licorice are made with real licorice root extract. Those labeled Dutch are made by Kraepelien & Holm in Holland and imported to the US.

Anise Buttons
Bee Hive Honey Licorice
Black Ace Black (Gluten Free)
Black Ace Red (Gluten Free)
Broadway Rolls - Red and Black (Old Delfa Roll)
Chipurnoi Licorice Chips
Darrell Lea Black Licorice (Australian)
Darrell Lea Red Nuggets (Australian)
Dutch Licorice:
   • Beagles
   • Buttons
   • Cats
   • Coins
   • Double Salt Licorice Disks
   • Drops
   • Farm Shapes, Mild Salt
   • Ripples
   • Slat Licorice Diamonds
   • Touch Of Italy

Finnish Red Licorice
Finnish Sweet Licorice
Gimbal's Licorice Chews
Goetze's Licorice Caramels (Bullseyes)
Good & Plenty
Haribo Black Licorice Wheels
Haribo Red Licorice Wheels
Heidi Licorice Dollars
Jelly Belly Licorice Jelly Beans
Kookaburra Strawberry Cream Bites
Licorice Bites – Red & Black (Like The Old Nibs)
Licorice Caramels (Abdullah

Licorice Caramels (Dutch)
Licorice Chalk (Schoolkrijt)
Licorice Laces - Black
Licorice Laces – Red
Licorice Laces - Rainbow
Licorice Mounties
Licorice Pastels
Licorice Pipes - Black
Licorice Rockies
Licorice Ropes – Lemon Filled
Licorice Ropes – Mocha Filled
Licorice Scottie Dogs – Red & Black
Licorice Swirl Salt Water Taffy – Red & Black
Panda Licorice:
   • Black Bar
   • Black Boxed
   • Red Bar (Raspberry)
   • Red Boxed (Raspberry)

Penn Dutch Black Pounder Licorice
Penn Dutch Red Pounder Licorice
Penn Dutch Sanded Licorice Drops
Pontefract Cakes (Haribo)
Red Licorice Bites
Salty Licorice Diamonds (Finnish)
Super Red Ropes
Touch Of Italy Black Licorice (Dutch)
   • Black
   • Chocolate
   • Cherry
   • Dr. Pepper

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