Misc. Candy, Gifts, Other Items

We Offer These Miscellaneous Candies, Gifts & Other Items:

Andes Chocolate Mints
C. Howard:
   • Guava
   • Peppermint
   • Spearmint Mints
   • Violent Scented Gum
   • Violet Mints

Candy Canes (Seasonal)
Cellas Chocolate Cherries Singles:
   • Dark Chocolate
   • Milk Chocolate

Cellas Milk Chocolate Cherries Gift Box (Seasonal)
Chester Cow Plop (Vermont Chocolate With Peanuts)
Choco Bananas (Casali)
Chocolate Bridge Mix
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Chocolate Foil Covered Hearts:
   • Dark Chocolate
   • Milk Chocolate

Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Squares
Chocolate Sponge - Dark
Chocolate Sponge - Milk
Cinnamon Toothpicks
Crystalized Ginger
Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters
Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
English Winegums
Espresso Secrets
Giant Peppermint Sticks (Seasonal)
Gift Theme Tins:
   • Cars - Lightning McQueen
   • Coca-Cola Vending Machine
   • Coke Galvanized Carry-All
   • Hello Kitty
   • Hello Kitty Beaded Handle Purse
   • John Deere
   • Mickey Back Pack Tin
   • Mickey Lunch Box
   • Nostalgic Coke
   • Sponge Bob Large Carry-All
   • Sponge Bob Lunch Box

Gin Gins Hard Ginger Candy
Ginger Chews
Glass Apothecary Jars
Grand Assortment Liquor Chocolates Gift Box
Hollow Chocolate Bunnies, Santas, Snowmen (Seasonal)
   • Eucalyptus
   • Milk-N-Honees
   • Plain Honey

Honey Spoons
Honey Straws (Real Honey):
   • Cherry
   • Lemon
   • Peach
   • Plain Honey
   • Raspberry

Ice Cubes (The Original Old Time From Germany)
Irish Potatoes (Seasonal Around St. Pat's Day)
Joyva Marshmallow Twists - Cherry
Joyva Marshmallow Twists - Vanilla
Joyva Orange Jell Sticks
Joyva Raspberry Jelly Rings

Kenny's Dr. Pepper Gummi Soda Bottles

Kenny's Grape Crush Gummi Soda Bottles

Kenny's A&W Root Beer Gummi Soda Bottles

Kopper's Cordials:
   • Amaretto
   • Cappuccino
   • Cherry
   • Coffee
   • Irish Cream
   • Raspberry

Kopper's Cordials (continued):
   • Rum

Linda's Gourmet Lollies

Lindt Truffles:
   • 70% Dark Chocolate
   • Dark Chocolate
   • Milk Chocolate
   • Mint
   • Raspberry
   • White Chocolate

Ludens Throat Drops:
   • Honey Lemon
   • Honey Licorice
   • Original Menthol
   • Wild Cherry

Malt Balls:
   • Cafe Latte
   • Dark Chocolate
   • Espresso
   • Ice Cream Sundae
   • Milk Chocolate
   • Peanut Butter
   • Pumpkin Spice
   • Strawberry
   • Ultimate (Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Layers)
   • Vanilla

Maple Drops
Marzipan - Chocolate Covered
Marzipan 12-Piece Assortment
Mega Candy Buttons
Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters
Milk Chocolate Coconut Creams
Milk Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Milk Chocolate Foil Covered Racing Cars
Milk Duds
Neopolitan Coconut Slices
Nostalgic Tin Signs (Lucy, Ads, Cars, Sports, etc.)
Old Fashioned Maple Sugar Candy
Peanut Brittle (Box - Old Dominion and Penn Dutch)
Peppermint Sticks (Porous - Can Be Used To Suck A Lemon or Orange)
   • Dark Chocolate
   • Milk Chocolate
   • Non-Pareil Covered
   • Peanut Butter Pieces Covered
   • Snickers
   • Toffee Covered
   • White Chocolate

Ribbon Candy (Year Round As Available)

Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks (Regular & Demitasse, All Flavors)
Slap Stix Caramel Pops
Smith Bros Throat Drops:
   • Black Licorice
   • Wild Cherry

Spearmint Leaf Delights (Jelly)
Sunflower Seeds - Chocolate Coated

Rendez Vous Hard Candy Tins (Various Flavors)
Trident Layer Gums

Trident Passion/Berry Gum

Trident Island Berry/Lime Gum

Turkish Delight
Ty Beanie Boos - Various Characters
Vermont Made Chocolate Theme Pops
White Chocolate Golf Balls With Real Tee

Yogurt Mini Pretzels - Blueberry
Yogurt Mini Pretzels - Raspberry

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