New & Hard-to-Find Candy

We Carry These Hard-to-Find Candies and Newly Stocked Items:

5 Gum:
   • Cobalt
   • Flair
   • Lush
   • Prism
   • Rain
   • React 2
   • RPM
   • Solstice
   • Zing

Abba Zaba Bar
Abdullah Candies:
   • Butter Rum
   • Caramel Apple
   • Chocolate Walnuts
   • Gourmet Chocolate Caramels
   • Gourmet Vanilla Caramels
   • Kahula & Cream
   • Licorice Caramels
   • Maraschino Cherry
   • Pecan Caramels Nougats
   • Pecan Nougat Center Rolls
   • Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels

Bazooka Bubble Gum Nuggets
Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy:
   • Banana
   • Chocolate
   • Strawberry
   • Vanilla

Bosco Bars
Cherry Mash (Chase's)
Chewbies Liquid Taffy
Chocolate Bananas (Box - Austrian, Casali)
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Paddles
Chocolate Rocks / Pebbles
Clodhoppers - Vanilla
Coffee Rio
Coffee Rio
Crystalized Ginger
Extinguishers - Chewy
Freshen-Up Gum
Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum
Fruit Stripe Gum
Giant Gummi Bananas
Giant Gummi Frogs
Gin Gins (Hard Ginger Candy)
Ginger Chews
Ginger Cuts
Goo Goo Clusters - All Flavors
Gummi Black Nose Cows
Hershey Air Delight Bars
Honey Spoons

Hotlix Pops:
   • Cricket Lick-it
   • Scorpion
   • Tequila Worm

Icee Spray Candy
Jones Carbonated Candy - Flavors As Available
Kopper's Pimento Olives
Licorice Crows
Look Bar
   • Alpine Milk Chocolate
   • Cafe & Cream
   • Chocolate With Cream
   • White Chocolate

Mint Juleps (Formerly Squirrel Brand)
Moon Pies
Novelty Candy:
   • Barnyard Bubble Tape
   • Bubble Roll Message Maker
   • Flash Pops
   • Flash Ring Pops
   • Grillz
   • Gummi X-Ray Fish
   • Hello Kitty Necklace
   • Jelly Belly Bean Boozled
   • Jelly Belly Cinnamon Toast
   • Light Up Flower Cool Pops
   • Lightnin Bugs
   • Lightning Bugs Gummis
   • Lunch Bag Gummis
   • Moon Dust
   • Pop Rocks Magic Potion
 PEZ - All Current Themes

Quick Blast Spray

Raffaello Almond Coconut Balls (3 pack)

Rainbow Licorice Laces
Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels
Razzles - Original
Razzles - Sour
Razzles - Tropical
Reese's White Chocolate Cups
Rocky Road Bar
Slap Stix Caramel Pops
Soda Can Fizzy Candy
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Toxic Waste Sour Candy
Tung Toos / Boys and Girls
Uno Bar
Yogurt Covered Cranberries

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