Sugar Free

We Offer These Sugar-Free Items:

5 Gum:
   •  Beta
   •  Cobalt
   •  Flair
   •  Focus Spearmint
   •  Focus Peppermint
   •  Rain
   •  React 2 Fruit
   •  Vortex

Abdullah Vanilla Caramels
Asher's Sugar Free Bars:
   •  Dark Chocolate
   •  Creamy Caramel
   •  Milk Chocolate
   •  Peanut Butter

Asher Milk Chocolate Raspberry Jells
Assorted Salt Water Taffy (Bulk)
(Over 30 Flavors)
Chocolate Bridge Mix
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials
Chocolate Malt Balls
Coco Polo Chocolate Bars Made With Stevia
   • Milk Chocolate - Plain
   • Milk Chocolate With Tart Cherries
   • Milk Chocolate With Mango
   • Milk Chocolate With Elderberry
   • 70% Dark Chocolate – Plain
   • 70% Dark Chocolate With Elderberry
   • 70% Dark Chocolate With Tart Cherries
   • 70% Dark Chocolate With Whole Almonds

Dentyne Gums (All Current Flavors)
Eda’s Licorice Buttons
Eda’s Raspberry Buttons
Extra Dessert Gums – Assorted Flavors
Fizzies – Assorted Flavors
Gimbal's Orange Cream Chews
Glee Gums – Assorted Flavors

Go-Lightly Hard Candies:
   •  Butterscotch
   •  Caramel
   •  Cherry
   •  Cinnamon
   •  Clear Mint
   •  Coffee
   •  Chocolate Almond
   •  Lemon
   •  Licorice
   •  Root Beer
   •  Watermelon

Green Apple Buttons (Bulk)
Gumballs - Machine Size
Gummi Bears
Hubba Bubba Ouch Bubble Gum
Jelly Belly 2.8 oz. Assorted Flavors
Licorice Gummi Bears
Mentos Fresh Mint Gum
Mentos Spearmint Gum
Mentos Watermelon Gum
Milk Chocolate Pretzels
Orbit Gums (All Current Flavors)
Peanut Butter Cups (Mark Avenue)
Pop Rocks
Pretzels, Milk Chocolate
(Mini and Regular Size)
Starlight Mints
Stride Gums (All Current Flavors)
Trident Layer Gums:
   •  Berry/Tangerine
   •  Cherry/Lime
   •  Green Apple/Pineapple
   •  Peach/Mango
   •  Strawberry Citrus

Tropical Fruit Buttons
Vanilla Caramels - Abdullah
Watermelon Buttons (Bulk)

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