Kids & Novelty Candy

We have over 200 favorite kid’s candies and try to keep up on all the latest new items to hit the market.

Air Head Extremes
Air Heads (All Flavors)
Astronaut Ice Cream
Baby Bottle Pops
Bazooka Bubble Gum - Bulk
BB Bats (Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana)
Blow Pops Mini (No Stick)
Bottle Caps

Bubble Gum Cigars

Bubble Tape (Numerous Flavors)

Bubblicious Gum (Numerous Flavors)

Dum Dum Pops
Candy Blox (Legos)
Candy Cigarettes - Bubble Gum
Candy Cigarettes - White Sticks

Candy Cigarettes - Chocolate
Candy Necklaces

Candy Shots
Charms Lolly Pops
Choc Aids
Chupa Chup Pops
Cry Baby Tears
Dots On Paper (Candy Buttons)
Dubble Bubble Gum

Edible Paper and Ink

Flash Pops

Fruity's Ju-C Bites

Galaxy Rocks Bubble Gum

Magic Potion

Mega Smarties
Gold Mine Gum

  •    Bulk Individual Colors Available By Special Order
  •    Large - 1 1/4 inch
  •    Medium - 3/4 inch
  •    Nerds Gumballs
  •    Small Machine Size

Gummi Candies:

  •    Bears (Haribo Assorted)
  •    Bears (Raspberry, Lemon, Mango, Watermelon,Grape) 
  •    Bears, Strawberry Filled
  •    Blue Raspberry Bottles
  •    Blue Sharks 
  •    Bottles, Bubble Gum Flavor
  •    Brains
  •    Giant Bull Frogs
  •    Gummi Aids
  •    Haribo Cola Bottles
  •    Humungous Bananas
  •    Lunch Bag Assortment
  •    Mini Hamburgers 
  •    Mini Hot Dogs
  •    Pizza
  •    Sandsharks
  •    Sour Cherry Cola Bottles
  •    Sour Worms
  •    Teeth
  •    Worms

Harry Potter Items

  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Chocolate Wands
  • Chocolate Snitch
  • House Crest Tins
  • Jelly Slugs
  • Gummi Creatures
  • Chocolate Bar With Hogwarts Train Ticket

Hi Chew - Assorted Flavors

Hotlix Cricket Lick-It Pops
Hotlix Scorpion Pops
Hotlix Tequila Worm Pops
Hubba Bubba Max – Assorted Flavors
Icee Popping Candy
Jawbreakers (4 Sizes - Small To Gargantuan)
Jawbreaker – 1 lb. Mega Bruiser
Jelly Belly

  •   Pet Cockroach
  •   Pet Gators
  •   Pet Rat
  •   Pet Tarantula

Jolly Rancher Chews
Juicy Drop Pops
Juicy Drop Pops - Sweet
Krabby Patties
Laffy Taffy (Bars & Mini Bulk)
Lemon Heads
Linda's Gourmet Lolly Pops
Lunch Bag Gummi Assortment

Magic Potion
Marshmallow Cones
Mega Smartie Pops

Mike & Ike (All Flavors)
Moon Pies - Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana

Nerds (Various Flavors)
Nerds Ropes
Oh Baby Pacifiers

Poofy Marshmallow Pops
PEZ Dispensers (All Current Themes)
PEZ Refills:

  •  Chocolate
  •  Cola
  •  Regular
  •  Sour

Pixy Stix - Giant
Pixy Stix – Small
Pop Rocks Assorted Flavors

  •  Blue Raspberry
  •  Bubble Gum
  •  Cherry
  •  Cherry Cola
  •  Cotton Candy
  •  Grape
  •  Strawberry
  •  Tropical Punch
  •  Watermelon

Paint Roller Candy

Pop Rocks Dips
Push Pops

Push Pop Gummi Rolls
Quick Blast Sour Spray
Razzles - Sour
Razzles - Tropical
Ring Pops

Shark Bite

Sour Belts

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Green Apple
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Quattro (Rainbow)
  • Watermelon
  • Wild Cherry

Slush Puppies
Soda Can Fizzy Candy

Sour Flush

Sour Geckos
Sour Patch Kids
Sour Power Belts - Assorted Flavors
Sour Punch Straws (Apple)
Sour Punch Straws (Cherry)
Sour Punch Straws (Strawberry)
Sour Punch Straws (Watermelon)
Squeeze Pops
Starbursts (Various Flavors)

Starburst Sweetheat
Sugar Babies
Sugar Daddy Jr.
Sugar Daddies
Super Blow Pops
Sweetarts - Giant
Thin Stick Candy - 32 Flavors
Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops
Tootsie Pop Drops
Tootsie Pops
Tootsie Pops - Super

Toxic Waste Sour Candy
Triple Power Push Pops
Twist Pops (3 Sizes)

Wacky Monkey
Warhead Items:

  •    Assorted Sours (Bags)
  •    Double Drops
  •    Rip Rolls
  •    Spray With Lollipop
  •    Super Sour Spray

Wax Bottles
Wax Fangs
Wax Lips
Wax Moustache
Whirly Pops 4 Inch
Whirly Pops 5.25 Inch
Whistle Pops
Zotz Strings (Assorted Flavors)

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