Pennsylvania Dutch

Please note that Pennsylvania Dutch Candies was purchased by Nassau Candy, Nassau is maintaining some of the PD items under the Penn Dutch label, others are being transferred to Nassau labeling and unfortunately some items are being discontinued altogether. We will continue to stock as many of these items that continue to be available

Black Licorice Laces
Bonomo Turkish Taffy:
   •  Banana
   •  Chocolate
   •  Strawberry
   •  Vanilla

Boston Baked Beans

Chocolate Covered:

   •  Peanuts
   •  Raisins

Circus Peanuts
Flat Mountain Taffey - IT'S BACK !!
Flying Saucer Wafers
Gummi Worms

Jelly Orange Snitz
Large Gum Drops

Sanded Candy Drops:
   •  Cherry
   •  Cinnamon
   •  Horehound
   •  Lemon
   •  Licorice
   •  Root Beer
   •  Sassafras

Spearmint Leaf Delights
Spice Drops
Twist Pops:
   •  Large 14 inch
   •  Medium 12 inch
   •  Small 8 inch

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