Custom Pool Cake

Unique "Swimming Pool Cake" made by Black River Candy Shoppe customer.

  • Pool tiles - Chicklets
  • Diving board base, raft- Now and Later
  • Diving board railings - half of Lifesaver
  • High dive stand - candy cane
  • Diving board - wafer cookie
  • Lounge chairs - Candy Blox
  • Beach balls - patriotic foil covered chocolate balls
  • Beach towels - striped Mountain Taffy
  • Palm tree base - Lifesavers
  • Palm tree - Sour Punch Straws (apple)
  • Inner tubes/life saving ring - Peach Gummi Rings
  • Lifeguard stand - wafer cookie held up by pretzel sticks
  • People - Teddy Grahams

Recipe and concepts courtesy of Women's Day Specials PartyCakes Cookies and Cupcakes, Fall, 2002.

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