Fun Candy Facts

Mars Bar

The original U.S. Mars Bar was discontinued and is no longer available, but was replaced by the 

Snickers Almond Bar (secnond image below) which is essentially the same thing.

Not to be confused with the English Mars Bar, which is still available and can be found at The Black 

River Candy Shoppe.  The UK Mars Bar is a very popular candy bar in our store

and while not exactly the same is similar to the Milky Way Bar.

The original 3 Musketeers Bar, invented in 1932, was divided into 3 sections, each of a different flavor...vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  Today it is only made in the chocolate nougat flavor, which was the favorite of the three.

Did you know that the Snickers Bar is the most popular candy bar in the world, however, it is still outsold by both Hershey Kisses and M&Ms.

Many customers ask for the old Marathon Bar, which was a braided caramel covered with milk chocolate and that is no longer available (not to be confused with the current Marathon energy bar).  However, English Cadbury does have a very popular bar, the Curly Whirly, wlhich is very similar.


Contrary to what many people think, the Baby Ruth bar was not named after the famous baseball player, rather, after President Grover Cleveland's daughter Ruth.  Thus "Baby" and not "Babe" Ruth Bar.

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